What Are Slot Features?


Whether you’re a casual slot player or a seasoned veteran, chances are you’ve heard of the term “slot features.” These are the extras that make the gameplay more exciting. These features increase the odds of hitting winning combinations and can trigger bonus rounds.

Some of the most common slot features are wilds, scatters, and free spins. Scatters are usually the best friend of any slot game. A scatter symbol is a symbol that appears on a reel and triggers the game’s bonus round. In most cases, these round’s payout is guaranteed, but the game’s balance isn’t touched.

Other slot features include avalanches, reel sync, and casual triggers. These features help to make the game more interesting and increase the odds of hitting a winning combination.

These features are triggered when the player reaches a certain number of scatters. These features will usually take place a few times within a short amount of time. The best part of any slot game is the in-game bonus round. It doesn’t cost anything from the player’s balance and increases the chance of winning.

The pay table is another demo slot feature that will be displayed on the machine’s face. The pay table will list the credits and winning combinations that are awarded when certain symbols appear on the pay line. It can also explain the mechanics of the slot. Some pay tables will even show betting strategies.

Another slot feature is a random number generator. This is a special algorithm that is used to select the outcome of the game. If the outcome needs to be as random as possible, the machine will use a random number generator.