What Is a Slot?

The slot is a common term in the world of computer architecture. It comprises the data paths and operation issue machinery. In the VLIW world, it is often used to refer to the pipeline that executes an instruction. The term was first recorded in the 1520s and its meaning has since grown in significance. Slot machines were invented in 1888. But what exactly is a slot? Here are some definitions of slot and its uses. In this article, we will focus on the latter.

The Dialog Engine is capable of recognizing multiple words for the same slot. For example, an entity value of New York may have synonyms such as Big Apple and NYC. When the user types in “New York,” the Dialog Engine recognizes the phrase as mapped to the word NewYork. You can even enter more than one synonym for the same slot. To add a synonym, click the field and press Enter. You can remove a synonym by hovering over it and clicking the X.

In linguistics, a slot has specific grammatical function. The word can fit any morpheme sequence. In a newspaper, it can mean a job opening or assignment. A slot at a newsroom may represent a position in the Gazette. The word “slot” may also refer to an airport authorized by the air-traffic authority. You can read more about slots in the next section. They’re easy to remember, and the benefits they can bring are endless.